Rob Mellors CBT Therapist

RMN, BSc (hons) CBT, MSc CBT, BABCP Accredited

Welcome. I am an experienced Cognitive Behavioural Therapist (CBT), and have helped guide many clients out of distress using this practical and evidence-based approach. I can do the same for you

My approach is collaborative. You will be in charge of the pace of change. I will work with you to help guide you with CBT. I will introduce you to a way of understanding your distress using a working model of treatment that incorporates mind and body -  and how our brain can work against us sometimes due to competing functions and the process of evolution.


I currently do not see clients face to face. Telephone or video calls (Microsoft Teams or Zoom) are effective and work well. Call me for an initial free consultation lasting 15 minutes, to get a sense of working with me. My fees are £75 per session self referral, and £85 per session for insurance referrals


I take referrals from all major insurance companies including BUPA, health professionals, employee assistance programmes, and of course self-referral. Download my CBT worksheets below to get started